Support socks don’t have to be boring and hideous

If you find that your legs become swollen and sore, it may be a good idea to buy socks that are specially made to alleviate the discomfort you are experiencing. Support socks used to be associated with old people, but that is not so anymore. Many people use them to alleviate minor nuisances or even prevent serious discomfort.
If you have a job where you are either sitting or standing most of the day and you feel this arching and tired sensation in your legs, you might consider buying yourself a pair of supportive socks.
But what are the actual benefits of support socks? They quite simply improve the blood circulation in your legs, which is why they are also used to prevent blood clots and varicose veins. That is also why they are worn by patients who have just had an operation or will be confined to bed for a long time.
In fact, quite a few pregnant women use support socks because the risk of getting a blood clot is higher during pregnancy as the weight increase strains the legs. Furthermore, pregnant women sit down more often, which might shut off the circulation of blood a little. Many people have socks which they refer to as “travel socks”, but it’s the same kind of socks we are talking about. Travel socks you put on when you are travelling far, especially on a plane or in a car where you do not have the opportunity to move about a lot.
But how do you define a long traveling time?
As a rule of thumb, we say that if the traveling time is 5 hours or more, it would be a good idea to put on a pair of support socks. Support socks apply a mild pressure to the legs, which helps empty the blood vessels and reduces the risk of a blood clot. Furthermore, the likelihood of swollen and tired legs is reduced.
Many people say that they don’t want to wear support socks because they make them feel far from sexy. But that was before. Now you can buy support socks that look 100% like ordinary socks. For instance, the model called Discretion, which is black panty hoses with a beautiful and elegant pattern, resembles ordinary nylon panty hoses but has a supportive effect.
It is perfect for women who want to look smart as well as take care of themselves while they are travelling.
It is also available as thigh-high stockings, commonly known as stay-ups. So there is no longer any excuse for not wearing support socks if you have to.